Dating with Guns

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Dating with Guns

Post by Shrinky Dink » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:12 pm

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If you are someone who loves guns and is starting to get to know someone, perhaps one of your first few dates should be to a shooting range. Not only does showing someone a good shooting stance help break the touch barrier, but it can also help you find out what the other person thinks about guns.

If you are someone who isn't terribly excited about guns, you may want to avoid dating people who are involved in the military, was raised on a farm, or enjoys hunting. You can also try to ask about these topics if needed. People who love guns should also bring up the topic of firearms early on.

The point of concealed carrying is that people don't know you are carrying. My first date with my husband was to go shooting. He loves hunting and has been involved in the military. I knew all of this before the first kiss. He regularly carries a firearm (although, he knows the law and doesn't carry where he isn't allowed, like a private university campus). He carried a firearm on most of our dates and for the most part, I didn't know about it or care. He even had a firearm on him when he proposed. If I was completely opposed to guns, he never would have dated me.

If you love guns, it is your responsibility to ensure that those closest to you are comfortable with them. If you're dating someone who isn't exactly comfortable with guns but doesn't hate them either, consider taking a safety class together. Show them that you know how to respect a firearm and that you always will.
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