Periods and Garments

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Periods and Garments

Post by Shrinky Dink » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:12 pm

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I've recently had my IUD removed and I completely forgot how much periods suck, I also work 12 hour shifts in a hot and humid environment so they suck even more than they used to.

I've taken to wearing underwear under my garments because they hold the pads in place better than my garments on their own. I also have pretty horrible circulation (my toes go/are numb frequently and if I sleep on my side, BOTH of my arms will go numb and cold. I should probably mention this to my doctor.) However, I have never had any issues with vaginal yeast infections.

I will agree that wearing a second pair of underwear is not ideal. I keep worrying that I'll be in a really big hurry to use the bathroom and forget to pull down the second pair. I own a diva cup, but I haven't used it because my periods keep hitting when I'm working and I'd rather experiment and practice with the cup at home in the privacy in my own bathroom.

I agree that the bishop is NOT the person to talk to about this issue. The RS president, visiting teachers, or even female endowed friends would be a whole lot better. However, if vaginal yeast infections are a frequent occurrence for OP, they should definitely consult their OBGYN.
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