Pre-January mb title bar quotes

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Pre-January mb title bar quotes

Post by Portia » Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:45 pm

What do mean FOR me? That IS me! -=Optimus Prime=-

i was thinking about making a shirt that says "i am bismark." it might get me more dates. -bismark

I can only imagine the logistical difficulties in dating one's own cartoon character. -ahem.

Aren't recipes supposed to result in food? ~Fredjikrang

... so if it's stalking, it's good stalking. -Quandary

"My 20 minute drum solo during 'In Our Lovely Deseret' seems a bit unnecessary now." -kerouac jr

'in the bathtub' always seemed a little bit more fun, but also a bit more sacrilegious..." -bismark

"i don't like you." ~bismark

"snap, i am on a title bar roll!" ~bismark

"Now you see why I married your wife." - ahem.

"I think that Tangerine is an alter-alias of Quandary." -Quandary

"tines! the fork-y part of the fork!" -Briar Rose

College is life's dress rehearsal. -ahem