Mental illness is dumber

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Re: Mental illness is dumber

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I’ve read that 60 mg is the maximum. One unfair thing is that they don’t make capsules in anything other than 20, 30, and 60, and you can’t just split a capsule to reduce the dosage. And your body becomes dependent on the medication.

That’s great that you are doing better now. Some people suffer a lot for months when they reduce the dosage.
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Re: Mental illness is dumber

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Amity wrote:I've got a big international trip planned in a couple of months (read: lots of awesome new things to see and less easy access to Internet/WiFi than I usually have) and I am so looking forward to using that time to do a news purge and reset the way I usually follow news. Hopefully when I get back I'll break some of my bad media habits and will have better mental health as a result.
That sounds excellent. Bon voyage!
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Re: Mental illness is dumber

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I've been working really hard on my mental health, and sometimes that's just positive and others (like now) it's positive but also really, really sucks. So screw you BPD, CPTSD, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, eating disorder NOS, and whateverthecrap else is going on in there. It would be really nice if everything could just STOP for a minute.