Knock knock

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Giovanni Schwartz
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Knock knock

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Anyone home?

I'm assuming there has been much learning and personal growth here over the past, oh, 10+ years since I participated here regularly.

Anyone got any life lessons they would like to share?

Mine is "don't try and force stuff to fit someone else's expectations."

Growing up, my dear mother always talked about how excited she was to have grandchildren etc and have her family over for dinner every sunday.

I realized that's not what I want out of life. I've the last ten years I've dated some wonderful women, and I realized that I'm much happier single. While I may consider someday adopting a child, I am, in no way, anticipating getting married in the future. I've got a dog, and that's plenty of responsibility.

Anyways I dunno if anyone will respond to/read/see this post in this ghost town, but whatever.
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Re: Knock knock

Post by Aarin »

Hello Giovanni Schwartz,

Who's there?

Happy Halloween.

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Re: Knock knock

Post by larry_wayne »

Hi Gio!
It's been a while... I don't think our time on this forum really overlapped at all, but I used to check the Board and the board board quite a bit, but it's been a few years since I've been an active reader. Just dropped in today on a whim and found this. I'm curious too if there's still people on here at all, but it doesn't seem like there's too many.
I don't have life lessons in particular, other than yeah, don't live for other people's expectations. The last few years have really taught me that too.
I'd love to hear from others if you're out there!