Best of December!

Which 100HB response was your favorite today? A place to create polls and respond.

Best this month?

Poll ended at Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:34 am

Mysterious Vending Machine Art
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Foreman gets to his backlog
Pushing Crosswalk Buttons
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Best of December!

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Dear comrades,

Thank you for being willing to vote for these things. I know they were never that popular to start with, and with the advent of the thumbs-up on Board 5.0, it became almost redundant (not completely, though).

This is the second-to-last poll I'll ask you to do. I'm really excited for the battle of the Year. I was looking at Best of January the other day and all those questions were so awesome. We'll have good times. I hope everyone participates.

Again, thank you.